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Wednesday 18 November 2009

Needles used on Stitched Textile degree!

Yes – we actually did some stitching. We made band samplers.

Well – not quite like that. IMG_9276

More like this.

Big, chunky stitches. Chunky manipulated fabric. Giant-sized couching. Fringes. Kunin felt beads.

And then we painted the whole thing with emulsion paint. As you do. Well, you do if you are Terrie Hitchcock, the tutor. If you are a Wowie you may have seen her article about painting stitch with metallic paints. I have now seen her samples up close and they are luscious.

She also showed us a technique for colouring fabric using very dilute acrylic paint. I’ve done the same thing with silk paint, but never acrylic.


At the moment mine looks like this. Terrie usually uses calico, but this was done on a medium grey fabric so I'm not sure what it will look like once it has dried. Should it ever dry, I’ll show it to you unscrunched.

It’s been a good day. Apart from the homework. A bit of reading [mmm, OK] and writing [mmm, less OK] about art. Good to find out, however, that other people are struggling as much with John Berger as I am…


Moving on – or back – this is the drawing I made of the original of the photo I showed yesterday, from the CT workshop. Brilliant, isn’t it?  - but you can see why Jae Maries weaving technique leaped out at me. I hope.

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Chrissie said...

Hold the front page - you used a needle! Looks like you had some fun with it, too!