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Dorothy Rowe

Thursday 17 December 2009

Alongside the shopping and cooking and drawing …


I managed a little needlework today - some embellishing and, after this photo was taken, a bit of FME.



IMG_9369 It’s a cover for this bit of Contemporary Textiles silliness – although it has morphed since I took the photo, losing its edges and gaining some folds, some stitch and some holes. [Do you gain a hole or do you lose it?] I thought I’d taken a photo but can’t find it so I’ll try to remember to take one tomorrow.

Speaking of strange bits of paper – this is the IMG_9736end product of class on Wednesday. With  its edges straightened, its bits stuck down and a neat white border. She’s strict, that Terrie.

‘What the heck is it?’ I hear you ask. Good question. We were each given a paper bag with two mystery objects in it and told to make a collage inspired by the objects. What objects? Inspirational images? Exquisite bits of textiles? Beautiful flowers?

Nah. I neglected to take photos of mine, but there was one of these and one of these. Inspiring, no?

Actually, I loved the shape of the jar opener – made a quick sketch to sort out the structure, and started tearing paper. [No scissors allowed – told you she was strict.] Then I decided to use the remnants for a counterchange pattern, with the paper bag underneath it all to break up the brown paper.

The tissue paper blobs are the door knob. Obviously. [Have you ever tried to tear a circle?]

Initially i loathed it, but bits of it grow on me. The shape reminds me of this, and I like the counterchange idea. In fact I  lay in bed at 4 a.m. thinking of ideas to try. But using scissors. And possibly a fun foam stamp, or two. [Ideas are a bad thing for an insomniac.]



You get 2 C&G images today, to make up for lost time.



This is what is hidden on the right hand side of the spread, under the photo of the bag which it all led to. Bonded tissue paper and [squashed] dimensional paint. That’s the blobby painting, not the bag.

The bag was knitted. As one does on an embroidery course. We had to make our own fabrics to embroider into, so I knitted it and wove threads and ribbons through. All inspired by the Robert [?] Delaunay image on the left.

The photo on the left is a book cover made from the same colour palette, which holds the deathless prose on three British embroiderers I had to write for C&G.

For the degree we have to do a group presentation on an artist of our choice, and one of my group, with no encouragement from me, just happened to suggest one of my three choices for C&G. Convenient or what? I haven’t mentioned this to the staff …

Not saying who the artist is but she lives in Winchester …

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