'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Thursday 24 December 2009

The only creative thing I managed today …

was some ironing. Which is not one of my favourite activities – but this was the snow dyeing.


This is some silk organza – lovely stuff. I had one dyebath with blue and red dyes, one with blue and yellow, and one with yellow and red.







This is a heavier silk. The red and blue has rather a lot of white left, but the others came out well.



This is cheesecloth – I had intended to use it with the dyed felt.







This dyed felt. Maybe not.




This is needlepoint canvas – or was until I washed it. I inherited it from my mother, but it was musty, so, knowing no better, I washed it. Not a good idea if you want needlepoint canvas, but a better one if you want a soft even weave fabric with relatively big holes. And even better if you then dye it. For some reason the blue/yellow piece is almost entirely green.




These are some cotton and viscose threads I dyed as well. i always forget about threads until the last minute, so they didn’t get as long in the soda soak as perhaps they needed, so they are a bit pale.




And this is a piece of calico I used the left over dyes on. For some reason it is mostly green but there are some interesting areas on it. It is darker in reality than it looks here.


These Mondrian inspired trees from my C&G sketchbook go rather well with the calico! I scanned the prints I showed yesterday, printed them and then coloured them with water colour.





And that is it for the next few days  - for obvious reasons! Have a very happy celebration of whatever you celebrate – and I hope to be back after Boxing Day.


Julie said...

Some lovely results Celia. Have a very Happy Christmas.

JP said...

lovely colours - very subtle