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Dorothy Rowe

Thursday 3 December 2009

The rain went away!

Although there is more forecast for tomorrow. And Saturday. And Sunday.

So let’s talk about something more cheerful. You may have heard about the hoard of Saxon treasure found a few months ago in the English Midlands. [No, it’s not mine – it’s not that cheerful.]

More pictures here.

I won’t try to explain English law about ‘Treasure Trove’ – chiefly because I don’t understand it myself – but ‘The Crown’ have taken possession of the treasure, and recompensed the finder and the owner of the land. The treasure is currently in the British Museum, but two museums in the Midlands are trying to raise the money to buy it from the Crown, so it can be displayed where it came from.

If, like me, you think this is a good cause, you can go to the British Museum website and for the princely sum of £4.99, including postage, become the proud owner of a lovely little book about the treasure – and contribute £1 to the appeal fund in the process. If, like me and Anna, you like spirals, you probably like Celticky-Saxony interlacing as well.  This book has brilliant photographs of examples of that, and lots of other patterns and shapes as well, just perfect to inspire your embroidery.  So you can look at lovely things, get inspiration, and help a good cause at the same time!

Commercial over.


Today’s sketchbook photo is of the end product of all that Klimtian design work – my ‘major’ and ‘minor’ gold work pieces for C&G. [And a few more spirals.] [And another bollard.]

The one on the right is the minor one – less embroidery and it is slightly smaller. You may also be able to tell that the tutor was fairly relaxed about what constitutes ‘gold work’ – no gold was mined for the production of these cushions.

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