'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Sunday 27 December 2009

Down to earth …

and trying to get back into our routine.

I hope you all had a good Christmas – we had a quiet time on Christmas Day [no complaints about that] and then a huge family party chez Babybel on Boxing Day when a good time was had by all – thanks to her mIMG_9874um and dad for hosting it.

The Babybellerina didn’t want to wear her tutu at first but after her adoring fans had left she gave her mum and dad a twirl – thanks to them for the photo on the right.

Her dad had tried it on earlier. 



Today I have done a little design work and a little embroidery. [And a little cooking, but that was less interesting …]

IMG_9736 You may remember this.






Regular readers will not be surprised to learn that this inspired a stamp. Or five.

These were made with fun foam - not today, I hasten to add, before Christmas.



And that shape morphed into this, a string stamp. 








Which reminds me of this. But I digress.



The string stamp led to this – the sketchbook page was stamped with gold paint and given a wash of ink. The embroidery is whipping, beading , French knots and seeding on a Colour Catcher.

It's been a good afternoon.


Returning to the C&G sketchbook – this is also inspired by Mondrian’s trees,  but the trees are more abstract, and the colour more what I think of when I think of Mondrian.

Looking at this, I realise I’ve been very restrained about cutting holes in my degree sketchbooks – time to get the craft knife out, I think …

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