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Friday 4 December 2009

Works in progress

Quite a lot really, after the long uninspired period earlier in the  year.


I posted  about the hand embroidery on net which I did earlier in the week – I have also been trying a bit of machine stitch. The net was layered with two thicknesses of that rather blah yellow sheer, which I cut away before FMEing.

I was going to write that I was too lazy to frame it or add a stabiliser before machining – but I have come to the conclusion that my subconscious is telling me that I actually like distortion and accidental effects – hence my liking for splotchy hand dyeing, felting, and other processes that aren’t completely controllable. [So – not laziness at all.]

I shall do a bit more to this – reveal some more areas of net for free machining, or, like the triangular shape at the bottom, remove one layer of the sheer. Or even remove all three layers.

I have also been drawing [!] but can’t get a decent photograph, so can’t show you my efforts. That’s my story and I'm sticking to it …

I also blogged earlier about a piece I made in Contemporary Textiles - tissue paper over a photocopy.december 2009

It now looks like this. The soluble-crayoned Vilene ironed on to the back, then cut and folded into a book, holes cut in it, and some of the cut outs stuck down in different places.

december 20091

It will get some stitch when I’ve finished this – another piece from CT. [Believe it or not, those photos were taken a few seconds apart with the same camera on the same carpet.]

This is the front and back of what started as a panel but is currently seeing itself as a vessel – although I'm not sure how I’m going to persuade it to stay in shape …

Can you see a ‘things with holes in them’ theme developing here? The book wasn’t going to have holes, honest, until I folded it and realised you couldn’t really see the backing.


And here’s one I made earlier, without holes. Yet. A touch of the Art Deco here. This was pootling around, thinking of ideas for the minor metal embroidery piece, before I went back to Klimt. mostly recycled foil and magazine pages, apart from the postcard of ‘Metropolis’ which seemed to suit the theme.


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Karen Eade said...

Your productivity and creativity is awesome, Celia.
To paraphrase "When Harry Met Sally": can I have some of what you're having??