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Dorothy Rowe

Friday 11 December 2009

Our Christmas card list may be a little short this year …

because I can’t find our address book. I have a nasty feeling that, when we sorted out the desk drawers earlier in the year, it was either:

  1. put in a safe place – or
  2. thrown away because I thought I’d transferred the addresses to the funny pop-up address book we keep by the phone. Except I hadn’t.

It’s not  a very long list,  but some of our aged relatives may be a little upset not to get cards …

I’ll have a thorough search later, after the miniature tornado heading our way has gone home.


We managed to get the Freecycled doll’s bed repainted, and bedding made, in time for the tornado’s arrival. This isn’t a Christmas present, as we keep a few – er – several – er – quite a lot of toys here for when she visits. Her daddy said how much he had enjoyed having different toys to play with, when he was little, and we visited my parents – so the Freecycled/charity shop stuff stays here and most of the new stuff goes home with them. Apart from things like books and jigsaws and books and oh – some books.IMG_9637

Those twin dolls came from a charity shop, with all this lot, which are more-or-less in scale with the dollies.  Never having had a daughter I missed out on all this cuteness – although I do draw the line at Barbie and My Little Pony. There is only so much pastel coloured plastic a woman  can take.


These prints from my C&G sketchbook were made with the polystyrene print making material you can use if you are not a cheapskate like me and use pizza plates. [It is better, actually, although it’s name escapes me at the moment.] I made them on a course at Southampton Art Gallery, and they were inspired by a Ben Nicholson picture  in the Gallery.

I can’t find it on their site but this one is similar.

Going through my old sketchbook like this is good because it remind me that in those days I had a lot of ideas!

On Wednesday Kim Thittichai commented that a lot of embroiderers ‘collect techniques’ but rarely do anything with them. I think she’s right – much as I enjoy workshops, I always feel I’ve ended up  making pale imitations of the workshop tutor’s work, when what I need to do is adapt the technique to my own work. Or decide it’s not for me.

So I have spent odd times during the day [and night, unfortunately] pondering on how [or whether] I can make Kim’s techniques work for me. I really need to get into the workroom and try some ideas out but that will have to wait for a few days!

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Kitty said...

I've lost my address book too. Expecting to find it sometime in January, but suspect, like you I may have thrown it away because I thought I had entered them into my mobile phone memory but hadn't. You still have a few years for the pink plastic muck to kick in - my 4 year old niece has gone very girly girly and loves her Disney princesses and pink plastic shoes! p.s. love the little bed quilt.