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Dorothy Rowe

Monday 28 December 2009

Still playing around….

with the jar opener ideas.


This is a section from the jar-opener-inspired collage I made at college –





which, surprise surprise, I plugged into some photo manipulation software - [Paint.net, I think]   and got this  - which to be honest didn’t inspire me much.


But then in the early hours of this morning I remembered an idea from a book. Pleat some fabric, print on it, then spread out the pleats.


So I tried it on paper first – and realised that if you have wide pleats close together you get  a very fragmented image. [All these samples were pleated horizontally and vertically – but not all ‘horizontals’ and ‘verticals’ were geometrically accurate.]





I used this stamp – as I’m sure you can tell <g>. Although it doesn’t look it in the photo, it is of the  negative spaces left when I cut out the jar opener shape for the other stamp. I used this one rather than the positive shape because there is more of it!


This is newspaper – which looked a bit drab till I painted it with  Koh-i-Noor purple. Yes – purple. my camera is a purple free zone, unfortunately. I stapled the pleats in at the top, after it dried.





And this is silk – which after the paint dried was stitched to a bit of felt. The pleats were about 0.5 cm wide. and a couple of cm apart – although as you can see they weren’t parallel.



I’ve got this lot out to embroider the silk  – now all I’ve got to do is decide what to do with them.





Here are some more C&G trees. I really like these – I’m not sure why I never did anything with them. They would have been much better than my abortive attempts to cover a lampshade with Klimtian birches …

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