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Dorothy Rowe

Monday 30 November 2009

Playing around

Following up the transparency and grids theme which seems to be developing, I played around with embroidery on net. Not something I’ve done a lot of apart from my not-quite-Carrickmacross sample for C&G.IMG_9437

This is the result. As you can probably tell I haven’t quite mastered starting and finishing neatly.

The net was a piece I painted when I was roller painting sheers - and then some squares of net from a garlic bag wanted to join in. I think later tonight it may get a few beads.

Stitching through both nets together sometimes pushed the thread off the straight and narrow, which is interesting.  It might also be interesting to bow to the inevitable and do another piece ‘badly’ with knots and loose ends, and possibly a thick-and-thin thread.

I also tried, today, to turn the rest of the painted sheers into something – before throwing them into the scrap basket. Fabric colours too blah, paint too bright.


More Kandinsky inspired C&G work – including an early bit of computer manipulation. Wish I could remember how I did it.

1 comment:

Susan said...

I think the knots, loose ends, thick and thin thread and anything else you could throw in there would make an interesting piece Celia.
Now you have made me want to get that stuff out and I don't have time right now.