'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Wednesday 2 December 2009

Rain, rain go away …

come again next year if you absolutely must.

According to the Met Office, last month was the wettest November in the UK since 1951.

Today we had a thunder storm – and its still chucking it down.

We could be swimming for it by Christmas.

Joking apart - I have every sympathy for all those who are much more seriously affected by the dreadful weather than we are – or are ever likely to be, living on top of a chalk hill. I cannot imagine anything worse than having your house filled with a mixture of drains and rain water.

Today was degree and I’m knackered. A morning being introduced to the mysteries of Photoshop, being told to get aforementioned program and a Mac [already had the mac – see the beginning of this post].

Afternoon being introduced to the mysteries of the Turner Prize, being asked to discuss who’s going to win and where British art is headed. To which the general answer was ‘Dunno’.

And then given a group activity which I decided to type up to give the rest of my group a copy. Big mistake.

  1. the computer wasn’t talking to the printer and the combined forces of me, the teacher [ex IBM] and the Centre Head couldn’t persuade it to.
  2. OK – I'll a-mail it to the others. No, the computer wasn’t going to let me e-mail it to anyone. Nor could anyone else persuade it to.

So my intelligent colleague took a photo of the screen and is going to email it to us.


Here’s another Klimtish page from my C&G sketchbook. Can you tell I like spirals? The spots were inspired by the background to the woman, whose name escapes me, although she reminds me of Gina McKee…

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Unknown said...

I love the sketchbook pages - I too am an obsessive spiraller !! Also influenced by Klimt!!