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Dorothy Rowe

Sunday 24 May 2009

Another good reason to have a grand-daughter…

To begin at the beginning.IMG_6586

I’m sure you’ll agree that my slippers need replacing.  Grubby, holed, and a bit too big.

So I knitted myself another pair, using the same pattern, but a smaller size. And then I put them in the washing machine to felt them. Just as I did the previous pair.

IMG_6587 This is how they came out. [Like most Europeans I have a front loading washing machine, so I can’t monitor shrinkage as it happens.]

I’m sure they’ll fit Babybel one day.

If she takes after her dad – any day now.



So to cheer myself up I made some books. The covers were serendipitous – I thought it was plain black card until after I’d cut it and turned it over. Leaves from my Klimt period. And finally, a good use for that metallic thread that splits and splits and splits …

They were inspired by this example on Liisa’s blog.






The pages are made from paper smooshed with acrylic using a credit card – one of my favourite techniques, because it requires no skill.



Coincidentally, today's C&G image is also of gold leaves. These are slips – real leaves printed on black Vilene, free-motioned, cut out and applied to a hand-dyed background.

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Lesley said...

Hi Celia, what do you do with all the books you make? Mine sit on the shelf for me to enjoy them until I feel able to use them. Sometimes I give them away to friends. Sometimes, I make two - one for me and one to give away. Best wishes Lesley