'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Thursday 28 May 2009

I think I should have stayed in bed.


First I took a lot of orange beads off this – all the ones I put on last night.

But – I did manage to find some more black beads for the black bit.

Then I decided to tackle one of Maggie Grey’s free lessons for people who have bought ‘Textile Translations’, a lesson I downloaded in February and have been meaning to do something with ever since.

So I looked for the printout in my sort-of-organised, rescued-from-somewhere I worked, in-tray.

Not there.

Looked everywhere else I could think of and couldn’t find it.

So I decided to print off the instructions again.

Found the website, found the free lessons, looked for the code word at the foot of page ??.

Wrong word.

Realised I’d picked up ‘From Image to Stitch’ rather than ‘Textile Translations’.

Found the right book, with some difficulty.

Printed off the lesson.

Went to look for my shrink plastic – which I thought was in the same in-tray. It wasn’t.

Searched for the shrink plastic.

Found the printout of the lesson I couldn’t find before, in a ring binder with other things I wanted to do. Must have been exceptionally organised that day …

Eventually found the shrink plastic next to the in-tray – from which I must have removed it while looking for the printout.

Had a cup ofIMG_6716 tea.

Stamped the shrink plastic. Discovered that the ink was taking for ever to dry. Lost patience and coloured the unstamped bits with a metallic pen – which smeared the black ink.

Began to shrink the shrink plastic. Realised I’d forgotten to colour the back and edges and that the holes I’d punched were too near the edge and were no longer holes.



Finished shrinking the plastic, looked at the results carefully – and put the in the bin.

Definitely my fault, not Maggie’s.

Had another cup of tea.

Worked on two quilts for ‘Art Quilts Around the World’. Success!

I don’t need two but I can’t decide which I prefer and both ideas seem to be working. One is now in the washing machine, so I’ll see how it comes out.

There will be a teaser posted on the Art Quilts blog when I've finished this so you will be able to see a couple of very unhelpful images over there soon.

I’ve decided to go on posting C&G images until the end of the month, although this is tIMG_6555he last of the quilting ones. 

This is a small tied quiltlet of transfer dyed polyester satin. It always reminds me of the quilted eiderdowns my aunt had.

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