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Dorothy Rowe

Friday 29 May 2009

No one who knew her …

would ever describe Quality Control as ‘intelligent’. To compare her with a short plank would be unfair to the plank. [Not original, I'm afraid, I got it from a TV programme, but I intend to make it my own.]

However, she is normally a very clean cat.IMG_6744


Bear in mind when you look at this that she is a dark grey cat.



So why is she so mucky?


Barbecued cat, anyone?





To finish off the month I thought I would show you some of my counted thread embroidery samples from C&G – not that I have very many.


This is extreme Hardanger – the heart is about 14 cm square. The fabric and thread are hand-dyed – I found C&G samples an excellent way of making a small dent on the metres of fabric I have dyed over the years.

I always find Hardanger very scary – I’m sure I’m going to cut the wrong thread.

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Wil said...

I love that picture of QC !!