'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Monday 4 May 2009

The day started well …

when I lost a filling while cleaning my teeth. I haven’t got toothache but what’s left of the tooth is sharp and I keep biting my tongue. And of course it’s a Bank holiday so I can’t get hold of my dentist till tomorrow.

Plus it has been a grey cold day – so what with the weather and my tooth – I have not been in the most positive ofIMG_6364 moods.

And somehow all my inspiration seems to have gone on holiday. This looks boring and bland …





IMG_6397 and this is doing its best to look bland despite the colour.






I think the cream piece needs more gold outlining. No, I can’t see it in the picture either – that’s one reason I think it needs more! There is gold stem stitch round the fleur-de-lises.


The problem with the second piece is that it has been very difficult to find suitable thread. I ended up using some rd/orange hand dye but I have very little of it and it probably needs a lot. [The white is tacking.]



So I allowed myself to get side-tracked into tassels.

Pallavi posted a tutorial on tassel making. [I have a thing about tassels. One day I might show you some of the ones I made for C&G. Nothing succeeds like excess.]

As Pallavi’s wasn’t a method I knew, I thought I’d have a go. It only needs little bits of fabric so I fished some scraps out of the bin [literally] and made these. Top right follows her instructions – and then I experimented a bit.  In my hands these are not elegant tassels – but I like them. [I don’t do ‘elegant’. Ever.] I think you could have fun making little dolls with these tassels.


Although that could be today's brown image – here’s another one. This is Babybel’s ‘Ish’  – although I believe that officially his colour is gold. 




Lesley said...

Hi Celia, Just catching up on some of your earlier blog entries. I am glad I am not the only one recently to have made my pages too small. Decided in future I should make the book cover and then work out the exact size for the pages. I thought I had planned everything exactly but the cover somehow ended up half an inch bigger all the way round! Best wishes Lesleyh

Unknown said...

Hi Celia,
I think he may actually be a Red Cocker Spaniel hence resemblance to red setter but we have never really been sure!