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Dorothy Rowe

Thursday 14 May 2009

A question:

IMG_6495 What can you buy from a pet shop that will turn this 







into this?






Answer: two of these.

About a year ago, during C&G, arch-carder D suggested using pet brushes for small amounts of carding. I have got round to buying some at last.




This is the result of my labours – a pile of fluff.

I am sure people who know how to card will tell me what's wrong with it – but I had fun and it is now all ready to use with the Embellisher.


While I was at the pet shop I got Quality Control some catnip. It was the only thing she got out of bed for today.


A few weeks ago I made the mistake of putting some old towelling, destined for rags, on the kitchen table. Our house is so lacking in comfortable places to sleep. QC has chosen to sleep on it.

Good job we don’t use the table much …IMG_6504

As I was feeling totally uninspired I decided to play with the embellisher.

I made some backgrounds.




And then I found an interesting little bit of space dyed scrim that looked a bit like a landscape.

Back to minimal stitch …



This has a bit more stitch on it – it is a C&G sample of Broderie Perse – except that I didn’t have any suitable fabric to cut motifs out of. So I scanned some leaves, manipulated the images, and printed them on T-shirt paper before transferring them to a piece of hand-dyed fabric.

I was in my leaf period at the time.

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Chrissie said...

Hehee! I got some a year ago when I went out for bird seed! They were miles cheaper than the ones designed for the purpose of carding fibres.